• “I am impressed. This project easily qualifies as the best project I've come across in my career…”
    I am not the easiest person to impress. I have a lot of experience in corporate finance, including a decade of positions of CEO, investment advisor, and member of the board of directors at various private and government banks.

    The solution is so deeply analyzed, precisely prepared, and smartly designed. It, finally, solves top global problems, monetizes them, and reduces the carbon footprint. All at the same time. And the team has an impressive background… It inspires me, not just as an experienced economist but also as a recognized investor, and as a responsible member of my community. The project is also very ‘healthy’, with a great short and long-term investment potential. In fact, this project easily qualifies as the best project I’ve come across in my whole career.
    Prof. Slobodan Slovic, PhD. Sc., Financial University of Russian Federation Government in Moscow, professor of finance and investment (macro/micro-economy, financial R&D), CEO ranked former investment adviser in various banks across Russia and European Member States, recognized investor and advisor.
  • Europe’s Transition to Green Energy Future
    Sweden’s Energy Minister, Ibrahim Baylan, insists change is both inevitable and economically beneficial. (Source: Euronews)
We are an international team of experts with more than twenty-five years of experience in various industries. It took us eleven years of quiet development and testing to make a breakthrough: creating a zero-emissions waste-to-energy plant with 98% efficiency.
However, that was only a good start. In the last two years, we have developed an all-new ecosystem: a smart platform that solves and monetizes the world's biggest problems.
It digitalizes tangible industries, reduces CO2 emissions, and rewards people who–even passively–support a green future.
In this way, we approach the solution from both sides: from the corporative/technological/industrial side and the end user's side. All of them profit from the process, so there is no general confrontation or resistance between them.
We are ready to announce our unique solution publicly and spread it worldwide.


Despite big plans for a better future, many global problems remain unsolved

  • accumulation of waste, 
  • expensive energy that pollutes the planet,
  • expensive production of high-quality food, 
  • enormous costs of living, 
  • ineffective and expensive transportation,
  • expensive medical care and outdated treatments. 

Besides other troubles, these problems increase greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.

There are no strategically advanced technologies that would help reduce CO2 globally and effectively–despite the massive desire and various ideas. Global warming is currently tackling with rather inefficient technologies; the level of energy balance is 20-45%.

The other thing to consider is the lifestyle of each individual. Politicians and environmental activists suggest that we should change our approach: ride bikes more often, use less energy, buy fewer goods, and similar.

Unfortunately, the trend of green living is not strong enough yet to overcome the basic personal motivations: the desire for unique identity, for standing out from others, for personal affirmation, for status symbols, and similar. 

Statistics show that neither the younger nor the older generation wants to give up luxury goods–as they are proof of personal growth, social status, and general progress.

Consequently, we cannot expect that individuals will be the ones to stop global warming by reduced consumption and radical lifestyle changes. People will, like it or not, continue to live the lifestyles that support their identities.

To solve the problem, we would need: 

  • new technologies, 
  • new green standards for the zero-emission industry, 
  • an advanced solution that would solve several problems at the same time, 
  • better connectivity, stronger movements, raised awareness,
  • an ecosystem that would have a positive impact on the family budget, while actively lowering CO2 levels,
  • allowing people to maintain their lifestyles while simultaneously contributing to the preservation of the planet. 

An example of an effective solution in the field of waste would be a green technology that eliminates waste and generates energy from it, at high efficiency and without emissions. It makes a big profit and generates a passive income for supporters as well. 

The system should also actively monitor the removal of CO2 from the environment and distribute its financial gain among supporters. Thus, in addition to earning money, people would spread the word and contribute to global and personal CO2 neutrality. 



If we wanted long-term environmental progress, we would need to think out of the box. Above all, we should be aware of what the global community wants and needs, what bothers people, and what they look for. 

Over the past eleven years, we have developed, launched, tested, and certified the first two special and exclusive technologies. They are special because they ecologically decompose waste, without any emissions. As an alternative and very efficient source of energy, they also contribute to the reduction of CO2. And they are exclusive because the only way to support them would be via our new ecosystem. (More about that below.) 

In the following years, our other projects–which are currently in the development phase–will follow: accommodation, transport, medicine, food, and similar. We have also started negotiations with external companies that offer effective solutions to key problems, meet strict criteria of excellence, and are in the pre-stage of global expansion. 

All these technologies perform beautifully individually. However, they provide the most, best, and fastest benefits when they unite, operate toward the common goal, and are supported by as many green-life advocates as possible. (Who, ideally, are rewarded for their support.)

This is exactly what we did. We have developed a special platform: an industrial exchange that operates on the principles of the auction. Why is it so special? First, it will operate at a much higher ethical level than traditional or digital stock exchanges. Anyone who has money can participate in the latter. However, what they offer to people and what problems they actually solve remain less important.

Secondly, our industrial exchange will support proven, green, economically viable projects exclusively. The ones that solve key problems and add the highest value to society. They will need to produce superior products which have already been accepted by the market and will be in demand for at least a few more decades.

For that purpose, we have designed stringent environmental standards. We have developed innovative mathematical models that calculate and show the precise prices of the output products, as well as global and personal environmental-coherence factors, clearly and transparently. We have put it all together in an innovative, modern, and secure digital format.

To take a step into the future–and because every vote counts–we have also developed an environmental movement. A fair platform that unites people in endeavors for a cleaner environment and prosperity. It is different, operates at a higher level, and is extremely user-friendly. This movement offers supporters two benefits: an immediate financial gain and an effective contribution to nature conservation without active physical involvement.

At the same time, we support all environmental and related movements that are striving for a better future.



On our new platform, for the first time in history, people can exchange their energy for a reward. For the effort invested, they earn specially developed Industrial Tokens™ they can hold or sell. So supporters get paid for even the smallest contribution to the preservation of the planet–sending “good vibes” to others. 

Thus, we have created a special synergy between selected, advanced green technologies and supporters who simultaneously maintain and strengthen the environmental mentality, make a profit, associate with like-minded people, and actively reduce CO2 gas.

Here is how all of these come together. Exclusive green technologies are the “engine” of operation. The industrial exchange platform is the “heart”, and the movement is the “booster” of the ecosystem. They operate together coherently while keeping society’s lifestyle untouched.

This innovative, specially designed, and integrated ecosystem provides easy access and real-time transactions. A fair play on a whole new level.



Our new ecosystem offers many innovative, new solutions: 

  • Two turn-key, advanced technologies that transform wastes into green energy, without emissions, create carbon footprint neutrality, and bring a high added value for at least the next fifty years.
  • The all-newly designed online exchange platform that enables people to participate in reshaping the industry, causing environmental sustainability, and making passive income on the way.
  • The all-newly designed unique e-voucher in a form of Industrial Token™ (iTo™). Its core value is based on output products’ market value and CO2 reduction value (excluding the supply and demand factor). 
  • The all-newly designed vault for keeping Industrial Tokens™.
  • The all-newly designed global warming reduction mechanism.
  • The all-newly designed global movement platform to help people getting the planet back to a healthy balance, participate with “a good vibe”, and be rewarded in a smart way. 


We are a team dedicated to a brighter future, nature, technology, and people. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, we cover almost all technological fields with rich, practical experience in several industries. Accustomed to hard and responsible work, with the desire to contribute to a better future with our knowledge, energy, and experiences.

We have been monitoring the most promising industries and projects for more than two decades. We know how to support, develop and launch them. Our founder–an internationally recognized visionary, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and environmentalist–guides, helps, and inspires us with a special focus on achieving big goals.




Developing exclusive technologies that solve global problems and enable nine-figure profits didn’t feel like a “mission accomplished” to us, although it was expensive and long, hard work.
Taken a few more years pushing beyond, an entirely new, all-in-one ecosystem set for a long and clean run was born. A fair green deal for all, not just a few on the top, aimed to reshape the industry from the inside out.
It deverves a bold name: Themis, the titan of fairness. And more.


So, what exactly is the Themis ecosystem™, and how does it differ from anything else? The main idea is three-fold: 

  • to digitalize and monetize tangible products of future-oriented green technologies, and to help to solve big problems–such as wastes–on the way,
  • to help reduce CO2 emissions on a personal and global level, 
  • to create a community–or a nation–of like-minded green-life supporters. 

And, of course, to allow everyone to participate in reshaping the industry, become a part of the big, green life movement, and even make passive income. 

Said another way, the Themis ecosystem™ is aimed to

  • monetize our biggest problems in different categories, such as energy, wastes, transportation, food, well-being and medicine, etc.,
  • reduce CO2 emissions, 
  • build financial gain to share, 
  • efficiently engage people who want to participate in real environmental changes.



The Themis ecosystem™ consists of three levels

  1. THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: All-in-one micro- and macro-economy platform that calculates and reveals certain coherent-environmental factors, monetizes problems, and shares economic gain.
  2. THE DRIVERS: Proven, exclusive, advanced, clean, and efficient technologies that solve our problems and enable a sufficient amount of CO2 neutrality.
  3. THE PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT: A smart connecting platform that enables people to support green industries actively and be rewarded for that. Or, to just spread the word around and be a part of this green revolution. 

The five main parts that enable to achieve the goals are:

  1. The special online exchange called Online Industrial Exchange™ or OIX™;
  2. Selected exclusive green energy projects that are listed on OIX™;
  3. Special Industrial Tokens™ (iTo™) that digitalize the output of these projects; 
  4. The all-new keeping place called MonaLisa Vault™ where Industrial Tokens™ are kept;
  5. The green-life supporters' movement called We4Next Nation™.

With the introduction of such an ecosystem, we are directing the industry into a transformation–to behave sustainably, ecologically, and to operate without emissions.



Our new ecosystem offers a unique, completely new designed, “everything under one umbrella” solutions that: 

  • are much more efficient and work on a global and personal level,
  • operate as an all-in-one resolution in real-time,
  • are accessible, easy to use, and transparent,
  •  enable digitalization of tangible businesses,
  • enable solving and monetizing global problems, such as wastes, energy, CO2, etc.,
  • enable global and personal carbon footprint reduction,
  • innovatively analyses and presents CO2 neutrality progress in real-time.
  • enable gathering all information in one place by tracking its business micro- and macro-economic data and carbon footprint neutrality data.

The reduced amount of CO2 is called a neutral carbon footprint. Carbon neutrality is usually a by-product of some other goal. For example, the technology eliminates the environmental burden–like waste–and transforms it into green electricity. Because electricity does not come from fossil fuels or other sustainably unacceptable sources, it is called alternative energy.

A special LCA (Life Cycle Assessment Analysis) study determines how much less CO2 is produced with green technology–compared to standard procedures and norms–due to much fewer transport routes, excavations, direct pollution, and similar.

Each metric ton of CO2 the technology reduces brings two benefits: 

  1. it reduces global warming, 
  2. it has its market value. 

In other words, CO2 reduction can be monetized. We included this financial gain into the project’s value. Namely, exclusive green technologies that operate in Themis ecosystem™ as drivers produce: 

  • green products (electricity, for example), 
  • a certain amount of neutral carbon footprint expressed in metric tons.

We combined both into an exchange product that behaves like an e-voucher. Or, as we called it, the Industrial Token™ (iTo™). Each project–or driver–issues and offers to the market a pre-determined number of iTo™. They are defined by a short-term (ten years) and long-term (twenty years) project development plan.

Anyone wishing to participate can purchase iTokens™ (with the price expressed in US dollars) on the Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™). OIX™ is more than just an exchange. Among other things, it enables coherence with nature. It shows specially developed factors that reveal how much someone has contributed to cleaning the environment, globally and on a personal level, just by owning iTo™. These parameters are active constantly and are innovatively displayed in real-time.

So, everyone who participates supports the development of green technologies. At the same time, they actively clean the environment–and earn money. 



The expansion of the project, whose Industrial Tokens™ are already in circulation, brings an actual increase of the project’s market value, for two reasons. Firstly, more and more output product–like green electricity–is produced. Secondly, more product created also means more carbon footprint reduction. Both bring additional financial benefits and, consequently, the higher total market value of the project. 

All financial benefits are directly attributed to Industrial Tokens™. Therefore, with the project's expansion, the value of the iTokens™ also grows automatically–since their number stays the same. 

To monitor the coherence between technology development and environmental cleanup easier and more transparently, we have developed our digital storage vault where Industrial Tokens™ are kept. We named it MonaLisa Vault™. It includes four basic parameters:

  1. how many iTo™ the holder has,
  2. their market value,
  3. supply and demand of iTo™,
  4. the personal and global contribution to greenhouse gas reduction.

On the other hand, every energy and awareness counts. We understand that some people don’t want to invest but still want to support cleaning up the planet. To enable them to contribute “good vibes” alone, we have developed another platform. It is called the We4Next Nation™. Here, supporters of a green future will be able to submit their uplifting thoughts about the green environment and receive an Industrial Tokens™ for reward.

By receiving an iTo™ alone, they will help remove a certain amount of CO2 from the environment. They can even “monetize their good vibes” by selling iTokens™.

The holders of Industrial Tokens™ can also save them and wait until their value increases. Holding tokens by itself contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas. 



Here is a quick summary of the main benefits. We created the first, one-of-the-kind, future-oriented ecosystem that:

  • identifies and gathers green technologies in an all-in-one online platform,
  • digitalizes and monetizes their outputs that society needs, and are in high demand for the next fifty years,
  • sets strict standards in sectors important for our long-term future,
  • helps to reduce global warming,
  • creates a mass movement, 
  • enables people to make money by supporting green, emission-free industries. 



To create the entire Themis ecosystem™, we had to develop the entire environment with all the tools. That is, we had to transform the whole industry from the inside out.

The investment in the Online Industrial Exchange™–together with a series of innovations, newly developed mathematical algorithms, coherent factors, Industrial Token™, MonaLisa Vault™, and the We4Next Nation™ platform–represents an investment of US$12.1 million.

To successfully launch Themis ecosystem™ via the Online Industrial Exchange™, we have been developing, running, and testing two projects for more than a decade: 

  • Project Phoenix8™, 
  • Biomass Ultima™. 

(More on these below.) The total investment was US$64.4 million.

The system is ready for our other projects that are coming in the future and also for the external ones that will meet the strict criteria for listing on the Online Industrial Exchange™.

To see the picture more clearly, here are a few numbers. The launch of such a system with two initial projects brings:

• Production of green electricity in the amount of 94,935,910 MWh;

• Reduction of global greenhouse gas CO2 in the amount of 100,907,379 metric tons;

• The Market value of the projects is evaluated to US$22.3 billion.




Gains–or outputs or end products–of selected green projects are digitalized and represented in the form of e-voucher or specially developed Industrial Tokens™ (iTo™). Online industrial Exchange™ (OIX™) is the place where these iTokens™ are listed and managed.
Members can monitor the current supply and demand of the Industrial Tokens™, buy and sell them. They can also follow some environmental impact factors, specially developed for this process.
Meet the core of a green business environment: “the heart” of the Themis ecosystem™.


The heart of the Themis ecosystem™ is a special, entirely newly designed, auction-based exchange platform called Online Industrial Exchange™, or OIX™. This is the platform where green projects are listed, via special Industrial Tokens™ (iTo™), and in compliance with very strict standards. It’s the online platform where participants can follow, in addition to both environmental factors, the price of the industrial Tokens™ in US dollars, buy and sell them.

Special economic algorithms of Online Industrial Exchange™ show the price of iTo™ via micro- and macro-economic values according to the project outputs and its environmental impact factors. All processes are working coherently and simultaneously.

OIX™ environmental algorithms also express the environmental impact via newly designed, innovative Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™. It represents the real value of greenhouse gas CO2 reduction on a global and personal level by two factors: 

  • Global Environmental Coherence factor™, 
  • Personal Environmental Coherence factor™.

Only a few hand-picked, exclusive projects will be listed on OIX™ initially. Accepted projects must create high-value, in-demand products that the market is already buying or ready to buy. All operations are evaluated and presented in US dollars.

Before listing on OIX™, projects must perform a special LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) evaluation to determine how much their performance reduces the global presence of greenhouse gas CO2. Besides, projects should demonstrate highly future-oriented goals and meet the following criteria: 

  • Already operating system (proof of work) or, in some special occasions, at least a "working proof of concept" showing that the project is ready for industrial exploitation and scaling;
  • A long-term solution to society's existing problems;
  • A capable team that knows how to perform the project and achieve goals in a timely fashion;
  • High added value of the project and short ROI (return of investment) time;
  • Global expansion plan: at least 6× expansion within six years after the start of operation;
  • Positive LCA Analysis (proof of how and how much the project reduces the amount of CO2);
  • Transparent data needed for the valuation of Industrial Tokens™: number and price of output products, CO2 reduction data, etc.;
  • A plan for the “Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™.” 

These rather demanding rules of participation in OIX™ are designed in such a way that there can be no abuse or manipulation–as has been seen with many projects. In other words, being accepted and approved by OIX™ represents a safety factor in itself.



To create measurable coherence between solving problems (waste, alternative energy production, CO2 reduction, etc.) and nature, we had to put all the parameters on a common denominator.

Thus, we have created an exchange product that behaves like an e-voucher but offers much more. We named it the Industrial Token™ (iTo™).

ITo™ represents the goods–the final products–of specially selected, advanced, green industries. It is made up of two components that determine its initial market and environmental value:

  1. CORE PRODUCT VALUE: Equivalent (in US dollars) that represents a share of the main product that advanced green industries create. For example, if the technology transforms waste into green electricity, that would be electricity. Therefore, the OIX™ digitalizes the output materials and lets people buy and sell them. 
  2. CO2 REDUCTION VALUE: A share of greenhouse gas CO2 emission-reduction (in metric tons). By buying iTokens™, the holder also helps to reduce CO2 emissions, merely by holding them. By selling them (for a higher price), the iTo™ holder can gain a substantial profit.

Consequently, the value of the Industrial Token™ is more than just the value of the product it represents. 

The number of iTo™ is defined and known upfront. Each project issues a pre-determined number of iTokens™ according to a short-term (ten years) and long-term (twenty years) economic and environmental project development plan. These initial iTokens™ are the only ones that are allowed to be created. 

One of the key drivers of the price of iTo™ is the expansion of the core project. By expansion, each project creates more and more: 

  1. basic, primary green product,
  2. CO2 gas reduction.

Both increased values are automatically recorded by the system and added to a limited number of pre-issued iTo™. For this reason, the value of iTo™ is constantly increasing.



The systemic and harmonious functioning of the entire ecosystem is crucial. Thus, we also had to enable secure storage of Industrial Tokens™. For complete control and smooth operation, we have created a state-of-the-art instrument for personal use and named it the MonaLisa Vault™. For easier accessibility, the MonaLisa Vault™ can be used as an application on a smartphone.

So, we have an OIX™ auction exchange where Industrial Tokens™ are listed, bought, and sold. We also have the MonaLisa Vault™ where industrial Tokens™ are deposited. 

In addition to easy and safe storage, connectivity with the OIX™ platform, and the possibility of selling and buying iTokens™, the special feature of the MonaLisa Vault™ is the ability to monitor environmental factors. 

That way, every token holder can check at any time how much he has contributed to the global reduction of CO2 gas (Global Environmental Coherence factor™) and how much he has reduced his own carbon footprint neutrality (Personal Environmental Coherence factor™).





The “drivers” of the whole system are carefully selected projects. We converted their gains (products and greenhouse gas CO2 reduction) into digital form, via industrial Tokens™ (iTo™).
We only accept future-oriented and green projects that are producing profit already. They must solve huge problems, reduce carbon emissions, and aim to be in demand for the next fifty years.
All of them are obligated to perform on a constantly increasing scale. When the project grows, the environmental and market values of its iTo™ grow automatically as well. That's why this is a game on a whole new level.
Meet “the drivers” of the Themis ecosystem™.


We have developed, launched, and certified advanced green technology without emissions. It solves three big, global problems:

  1. environmentally friendly eliminates waste,
  2. produces green electricity, 
  3. contributes very effectively to reducing global warming.

Said another way, this technology very efficiently and for the first time in history:

  • monetizes hydrocarbon waste (rubber, plastics, clothing, etc.),
  • produces electricity and other useful products,
  • globally reduces greenhouse gas CO2,
  • it is capable of transforming waste (used and discarded products) into wholly new, identical products.

We named it Product Reincarnation Technology™. It is officially implemented under the Project PHEONIX8™ brand. It is avant-garde because it successfully performs molecular degradation of hydrocarbon wastes in the absence of oxygen and at low process temperatures.

With a special process, we can produce clean, zero-emission electricity. The technological process produces clean, green electricity and pure (99.99%) carbon black used for pharmaceutical or other industrial purposes (e.g., manufacturing car tires, carbon fiber, laser printers, etc.).

Furthermore, we have another option: polymerization and vulcanization of the separated molecules allow us to create a new product, identical to the input one. For example, we can create a brand new tire from a used one. 

The economic efficiency of the project is whopping 98%. The process was also verified by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services.

The products are fully marketable and in high demand for the next fifty years, and can completely replace problematic products that are either mined or harder to process industrially.

A series of innovative elements, special contact times, and a specially developed catalytic system allow us to produce green electricity from waste in the amount of 47,040 MWh per unit of production. The process also creates 50,001 metric tons of carbon footprint neutrality.

Product Reincarnation™ Technology/Project PHOENIX8™ is compatible with the Themis ecosystem™ and meets all the strict conditions for listing on the Online Industrial Exchange™. It works as a completely closed-loop system, with no emissions to air, water, or soil.

Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™

  • A) Alternative green electricity goal: 94.935.910 MWh;
  • B) Global CO2 reduction goal: 100.907.379 tons; 
  • C) Name of the project’s Industrial Token™: PP8 iTo™.



We have developed and launched a green, highly efficient, emission-free technology that produces energy from the forest and other plant waste. It also produces minerals for the soil, some other minerals, and even real diamonds. We named it Biomass Ultima™.

It solves three big, global problems:

  1. environmentally friendly eliminates waste,
  2. produces pure alternative electricity, 
  3. contributes very effectively to reducing global warming.

This green energy technology is officially implemented under the Biomass Ultima™ brand. The technology is innovative because it generates more than just green electricity. It also produces organic carbon in the form of organic charcoal. 

Besides a high content of carbon (79.8%), organic charcoal contains several minerals. It is sought after in agriculture because when sprinkled on agricultural land it enriches the soil and increases plant immunity, thus alleviating the soil depletion caused by acid rain, pesticides, and global warming. It is also used as an additive in animal feed because it prevents the development of dangerous microorganisms and viruses.

The third gain of the process is the most prestigious one: real diamonds. The process is structured the way that the excess green energy is dispatched into the atomic reactor. It mimics a special procedure that is happening in nature: the conversion of a high-purity carbon into a diamond.

This procedure usually needs several million years to be completed. Our technology forcibly carries out the same natural process but in a very short time. Yes, we can create real, crystal clear diamonds, even purer than natural ones, out of wood waste! They obtain about 10% higher prices on the market than natural diamonds. We named them Zeta Quantum Diamonds™.

The economic efficiency of the project is as high as 94%. From waste raw materials, green electricity without emissions is obtained in the amount of 7,992 MWh per unit of production, with a contribution of 8,340 metric tons of carbon neutrality.

The technology creates green products that are fully marketable and in high demand for the next fifty years. They completely replace problematic products that are either mined or harder to process industrially.

Biomass Ultima™ is compatible with the Themis ecosystem™ and meets all the strict conditions for listing on the Online Industrial Exchange™. It works as a completely closed-loop system, with no emissions to air, water, or soil.

Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™

  • A) Alternative green electricity goal: 5.756.638 MWh;
  • B) Global CO2 reduction goal: 6.007.051 tons; 
  • C) Name of project’s Industrial Token™: BIU iTo™.



All outstanding projects that already produce value, are in the pre-expansion phase, and contribute to drastic improvements in key areas (energy, waste, transport, housing, nutrition, medicine, and the like) in the long run, can apply for listing on OIX™.

The technology must meet the strict conditions of Themis ecosystem™ and the Online Industrial Exchange™. (You can read more about conditions on the pages of these platforms.)

In the coming years, we plan to contribute even more of our own projects to OIX™. We are preparing projects ready for expansion on global markets, in the fields of medicine, nutrition, housing, and transport.




Want to share and be part of the vision? Now you can reshape the industry, create a new future, balance the planet, and cause sustainability. Green-deal for all, on a whole new level.
This is the platform that unites all towards the same goal: higher fairness, clean environment, community responsibility, and active, smart global warming reduction.
Get to know the smart environmental movement of the Themis ecosystem™.


We have created our own movement, called We4Next Nation™, that rounds up the Themis Ecosystem™. This is a community of like-minded, green future and breakthrough technologies-oriented people. 

As you see, the entire Themis ecosystem™ is designed to enable people to become more community responsible, willing to help the planet, and even achieve financial gain, while keeping their usual lifestyle untouched. It’s a new, smarter, and more transparent green deal for all.



Some people want to contribute to nature conservation and a greener future but do not have the time or do not want to be actively involved in physical activities.

If you are one of them, you do not have to do almost anything, but you will still protect nature and actively contribute to the reduction of the largest global-warming pollutant, CO2. You also don't need to buy Industrial Tokens™; you can earn them as repayment for your “good vibes.”

By simply casting a good thought on the topic of “Environment and future”, you will be rewarded with iTos™. Studies show that an adult generates about 100W of energy per day. Writing a nice, uplifting thought takes some time and energy. We respect your time and appreciate you for that–so we want to reward you with the appropriate number of Industrial Tokens™.

By owning iTo™, you are already actively contributing to a greener planet. Each iTo™ contains two factors that are linked to the Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™ system. They show how much CO2 you have reduced globally and personally just by owning iTokens™.

Industrial Tokens™ also have a real value in US dollars so you can sell them on the Online Industrial Exchange™. Or keep them. That way, you will have bigger and bigger value in your hands and thus contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas CO2 more and more. 

Also, the three best thoughts will be chosen once a year and all three contributors of “good vibes” will be rewarded with additional iTo™. 



We are a team dedicated to a brighter future, nature, technology, and people. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, we cover almost all technological fields with rich, practical experience in several industries.

Accustomed to hard and responsible work, with the desire to contribute to a better future with our knowledge, energy, and experiences.

We have been monitoring the most promising industries and projects for more than two decades. We know how to support, develop and launch them. Our founder–an internationally recognized visionary, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and environmentalist–guides, helps, and inspires us with a special focus on achieving big goals.


We invest our energy, knowledge, and resources into technologies for the practical and evolutionary progress for humanity, or for helping people to accelerate their personal growth, development or the enhancement of positive energy, consciousness and confidence in a better future for all. 

We also support new and innovative projects for the progress and growth of families and individuals that need help. This includes aiding the growth of the global society.


“Together with our team of renowned experts, I am very proud and honoured to supervise such great projects that will heavily improve our lives and preserve the planet.

We live in an exciting time when technology allows us to do more, have more and be more. But we have to do it without exploiting the planet or promoting any form of destruction. That’s why PatentReal Corp. exclusively supports green technologies, breakthrough innovations and an important social projects.” (


Themis Ecosystem™, Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™), Industrial Token™ (iTo™), MonaLisa Vault™, Project PHOENIX8™ (PP8™), Biomass Ultima™, and We4Next™ are PatentReal Corp.’s projects and trademarks.


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