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The heart of the Themis ecosystem™ is a special, entirely newly designed, auction-based exchange platform called Online Industrial Exchange™, or OIX™. This is the platform where green projects are listed, via special iTos™, and in compliance with very strict standards. It’s the online platform where participants can follow, in addition to both environmental factors, the price of the iTos™ in US dollars, buy and sell them.

Special economic algorithms of Online Industrial Exchange™ show the price of iTo™ via micro- and macro-economic values according to the project outputs and its environmental impact factors. All processes are working coherently and simultaneously. OIX™ environmental algorithms also express the environmental impact via newly designed, innovative Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™. It represents the real value of greenhouse gas CO2 reduction on a global and personal level by two factors:

  • Global Environmental Coherence Factor™,
  • Personal Environmental Coherence Factor™.


Only a few hand-picked, exclusive projects will be listed on OIX™ initially. Accepted projects must create high-value, in-demand products that the market is already buying or ready to buy. All operations are evaluated and presented in US dollars.

Before listing on OIX™, projects must perform a special LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) evaluation to determine how much their performance reduces the global presence of greenhouse gas CO2. Besides, projects should demonstrate highly future-oriented goals and meet the following criteria:

  • Already operating system (proof of work) or, in some special occasions, at least a “working proof of concept” showing that the project is ready for industrial exploitation and scaling;
  • A long-term solution to society’s existing problems;
  • A capable team that knows how to perform the project and achieve goals in a timely fashion;
  • High added value of the project and short ROI (return of investment) time;
  • Global expansion plan: at least 6× expansion within six years after the start of operation;
  • Positive LCA Analysis (proof of how and how much the project reduces the amount of CO2);
  • Transparent data needed for the valuation of iTos™: number and price of output products, CO2 reduction data, etc.;
  • A plan for the “Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™.”


These rather demanding rules of participation in OIX™ are designed in such a way that there can be no abuse or manipulation–as has been seen with many projects. In other words, being accepted and approved by OIX™ represents a safety factor in itself.

Industrial Raw Material Unit™ or iTo™

To create measurable coherence between solving problems (waste, alternative energy production, CO2 reduction, etc.) and nature, we had to put all the parameters on a common denominator. Thus, we have created an exchange product that behaves like an e-voucher but offers much more. We named it the iTos™. They represents the goods–the final products–of specially selected, advanced, green industries. It is made up of two components that determine its initial market and environmental value:

  1. CORE PRODUCT VALUE: Equivalent (in US dollars) that represents a share of the main product that advanced green industries create. For example, if the technology transforms waste into green electricity, that would be electricity. Therefore, the OIX™ digitalizes the output materials and lets people buy and sell them.
  2. CO2 REDUCTION VALUE: A share of greenhouse gas CO2 emission-reduction (in metric tons). By buying iTos™, the holder also helps to reduce CO2 emissions, merely by holding them. By selling them (for a higher price), the iTos™ holder can gain a substantial profit.


Consequently, the value of the iTos™ is more than just the value of the product it represents. The number of iTos™ is defined and known upfront. Each project issues a pre-determined number of iTos™ according to a short-term (10 years) and long-term (25 years) economic and environmental project development plan. These initial iTos™ are the only ones that are allowed to be created.

One of the key drivers of the price of iTos™ is the expansion of the core project. By expansion, each project creates more and more of: basic, primary green product, and CO2 gas reduction. Both increased values are automatically recorded by the system and added to a limited number of pre-issued iTos™. For this reason, the value of iTos™ is constantly increasing.


The systemic and harmonious functioning of the entire ecosystem is crucial. Thus, we also had to enable secure storage of iTos™. For complete control and smooth operation, we have created a state-of-the-art instrument for personal use and named it the MonaLisa Vault™. For easier accessibility, the MonaLisa Vault™ can be used as an application on a smartphone. So, we have an OIX™ auction exchange where iTos™ are listed, bought, sold or deposited.

In addition to easy and safe storage, connectivity with the OIX™ platform, and the possibility of selling and buying iTos™, the special feature of the MonaLisa Vault™ is the ability to monitor our innovative environmental factors. That way, every token holder can check at any time how much he has contributed to the global reduction of CO2 gas (Global Environmental Coherence factor™) and how much he has reduced his own carbon footprint neutrality (Personal Environmental Coherence factor™).