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So, what exactly is the Themis ecosystem™, and how does it differ from anything else? Our work is dedicated to:

  • to digitalize and monetize tangible products of future-oriented green technologies (energy, wastes, transportation, food, housing, medicine, AI), and to help to solve big problems–such as wastes–on the way,
  • to help reduce CO2 emissions on a personal and global level,
  • build financial gain to share,
  • to create a community–or a nation–of like-minded green-life supporters who want to participate in real environmental changes.


And, of course, to allow everyone to participate in reshaping the industry, become a part of the big, green life movement, and even make passive income.


The Themis ecosystem™ consists of three levels:

  1. THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: All-in-one micro- and macro-economy platform that calculates and reveals certain coherent-environmental factors, monetizes problems, and shares economic gain.
  2. THE DRIVERS: Proven, exclusive, advanced, clean, and efficient technologies that solve our problems and enable a sufficient amount of CO2 neutrality.
  3. THE PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT: A smart connecting platform that enables people to support green industries actively. Or, to just spread the word around and be a part of this green revolution.


The five main parts that enable to achieve the goals are:

  1. Specially developed innovative Online Industrial Exchange™ or OIX™;
  2. Selected exclusive green energy projects that are listed on OIX™;
  3. Special Industrial Raw Material Unit™ (iTo™) that digitalize the output of these projects;
  4. The all-new keeping place called MonaLisa Vault™  where iTos™ are kept;
  5. The green-life supporters’ movement called We4Next Nation™.


With the introduction of such an ecosystem, we are directing the industry into a transformation–to behave sustainably, ecologically, and to operate without emissions.


Our new ecosystem offers a unique, completely new designed, “everything under one umbrella” solutions that:

  • are much more efficient and work on a global and personal level,
  • operate as an all-in-one resolution in real-time,
  • are accessible, easy to use, and transparent,
  • enable digitalization of tangible businesses,
  • enable solving and monetizing global problems, such as wastes, energy, CO2, etc.,
  • enable global and personal carbon footprint reduction,
  • innovatively analyses and presents CO2 neutrality progress in real-time.
  • enable gathering all information in one place by tracking its business micro- and macro-economic data and carbon footprint neutrality data.


The reduced amount of CO2 is called a neutral carbon footprint. Carbon neutrality is usually a by-product of some other goal. For example, the technology eliminates the environmental burden–like waste–and transforms it into green electricity. Because electricity does not come from fossil fuels or other sustainably unacceptable sources, it is called alternative energy. A special LCA (Life Cycle Assessment Analysis) study determines how much less CO2 is produced with green technology–compared to standard procedures and norms–due to much fewer transport routes, excavations, direct pollution, and similar.

Each metric ton of CO2 the technology reduces brings two benefits: it reduces global warming, it has its market value. In other words, CO2 reduction can be monetized. We included this financial gain into the project’s value. Namely, exclusive green technologies that operate in Themis ecosystem™ as drivers produce: green products (electricity, for example), a certain amount of neutral carbon footprint expressed in metric tons.

We combined both into an exchange product that behaves like an e-voucher. Or, as we called it, the Industrial Raw Material Unit™ (iTo™). Each project–or driver–issues and offers to the market a pre-determined number of iTos™. They are defined by a short-term (10 years) and long-term (25 years) project development plan.

Anyone wishing to participate can purchase iTos™ (with the price expressed in US dollars) on the Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™). OIX™ is more than just an exchange. Among other things, it enables coherence with nature. It shows specially developed factors that reveal how much someone has contributed to cleaning the environment, globally and on a personal level, just by owning iTos™. These parameters are active constantly and are innovatively displayed in real-time.


The expansion of the project, whose iTos™ are already in circulation, brings an actual increase of the project’s market value, for two reasons. Firstly, more and more output product–like green electricity–is produced. Secondly, more product created also means more carbon footprint reduction. Both bring additional financial benefits and, consequently, the higher total market value of the project.

All financial benefits are directly attributed to iTos™. Therefore, with the project’s expansion, the value of the iTos™ also grows automatically–since their number stays the same.

To monitor the coherence between technology development and environmental cleanup easier and more transparently, we have developed our digital storage vault where iTos™ are kept. We named it MonaLisa Vault™. It includes four basic parameters:

  1. how many iTos™ the holder has,
  2. their market value,
  3. supply and demand of iTos™,
  4. the personal and global contribution to greenhouse gas reduction.


On the other hand, every energy and awareness counts. We understand that some people don’t want to invest but still want to support cleaning up the planet. To enable them to contribute “good vibes” alone, we have developed another platform. It is called the We4Next Nation™

The holders of iTos™ can also save them and wait until their value increases. Holding tokens by itself contributes to the reduction of greenhouse CO2 gas.


In short, we created the first, one-of-the-kind, future-oriented ecosystem that:

  • identifies and gathers green technologies in an all-in-one online platform,
  • digitalizes and monetizes their outputs that society needs, and are in high demand for the next fifty years,
  • sets strict standards in sectors important for our long-term future,
  • helps to reduce global warming,
  • creates a mass movement,
  • enables people to make money by supporting green, emission-free industries.