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We have created our own movement, called We4Next Nation™, that rounds up the Themis Ecosystem™. This is a community of like-minded, green future and breakthrough technologies-oriented people.

As you see, the entire Themis ecosystem™ is designed to enable people to become more community responsible, willing to help the planet, and even achieve financial gain, while keeping their usual lifestyle untouched. It’s a new, smarter, and more transparent green deal for all.


Some people want to contribute to nature conservation and a greener future but do not have the time or do not want to be actively involved in physical activities.

If you are one of them, you do not have to do almost anything, but you will still protect nature and actively contribute to the reduction of the largest global-warming pollutant, CO2. You also don’t need to buy Industrial Tokens™; you can earn them as repayment for your “good vibes.”

By simply casting a good thought on the topic of “Environment and future”, you will be rewarded with iTos™. Studies show that an adult generates about 100W of energy per day. Writing a nice, uplifting thought takes some time and energy. We respect your time and appreciate you for that–so we want to reward you with the appropriate number of Industrial Tokens™.

By owning iTo™, you are already actively contributing to a greener planet. Each iTo™ contains two factors that are linked to the Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™ system. They show how much CO2 you have reduced globally and personally just by owning iTokens™.

Industrial Tokens™ also have a real value in US dollars so you can sell them on the Online Industrial Exchange™. Or keep them. That way, you will have bigger and bigger value in your hands and thus contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas CO2 more and more.

Also, the three best thoughts will be chosen once a year and all three contributors of “good vibes” will be rewarded with additional iTo™.